Sustainable Production

Zivolife is exclusively produced in partnership with Alimenta Algae, founded in 2016 with the purpose of growing and processing microalgae, one of the world’s most nutrient dense and environmentally friendly natural foods. Alimenta Algae farms are strategically located in the Peruvian southern desert, a region that is blessed with optimal conditions for the cultivation of algal microorganisms. 

Alimenta Algae is part of Grupo Alimenta, a corporate group with over 25 years of experience launching FoodTech businesses that prioritize innovation and value-creation while incorporating the highest standards of care for society and the environment. Grupo Alimenta serves clients globally and operates facilities in Peru, Colombia, Chile and the United States.

Labs for ongoing testing and analysis are located at Alimenta Algae facilities in Ica, Peru, along with labs in Fort Myers, Florida, as well as third-party facilities.

The focus on sustainability is a key aspect of production through the partnership with Grupo Alimenta. Zivolife is produced in a closed-loop open pond system for cultivation, which enables minimal water usage, less waste, and a reduced carbon footprint.