Zivolife: Pioneering Algal Biomass for a Healthier Future - iGrow News

Zivolife: Pioneering Algal Biomass for a Healthier Future - iGrow News

In a recent update, ZIVO Bioscience announced significant advancements in its commercialization efforts, particularly concerning its proprietary algal biomass known as Zivolife.


Zivolife is not just another food ingredient – it represents a significant step forward in algal-derived nutrition. This proprietary algal biomass boasts a range of health benefits, making it a potent contender in plant-based nutrition. Natural, non-GMO, and rich in plant-based protein, beta-glucan, fiber, essential amino acids, polyphenols, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, E, and B12, Zivolife has the potential to redefine the way we perceive nutritional supplements.

One of its standout features is its support for digestive and gut health, alongside its contribution to a healthy immune system. The mild taste of Zivolife sets it apart from other microalgae products, making it a more palatable option for consumers. Additionally, it has been rigorously tested for shelf stability, ensuring that its nutritional value is preserved for up to two years. What’s more, Zivolife is crafted entirely from ZIVO’s proprietary microalgae strains, cementing its uniqueness in the market.

An essential component of ZIVO Bioscience’s success story is its strategic partnerships. The collaboration with Alimenta Algae SAC has been instrumental in enhancing production capacity and efficiency. Alimenta Algae, a subsidiary of Grupo Alimenta, a well-established agribusiness with global reach, is repurposing its existing microalgae facility into a larger, more sophisticated cultivation and processing center. This transformation is projected to enable the production of up to 100,000 kilograms of dried Zivolife annually, a significant boost from previous levels.

The commitment of Alimenta Algae to invest in upgrading cultivation ponds and downstream processing is a testament to the belief in ZIVO’s vision and the potential of Zivolife. These improvements are anticipated to result in a fully operational facility by the second or third quarter of 2025, providing ZIVO Bioscience with the necessary production capabilities to meet the burgeoning demand for Zivolife.

John Payne, the CEO and Chairman of ZIVO Bioscience expressed confidence in the trajectory of the company. He noted that with the solid introduction of Zivolife to the green powder market and secured sales agreements, the focus is now on collaborating with distribution partners to drive commercial success. Simultaneously, ZIVO Bioscience is committed to leveraging its expertise to scale up production volumes. The pivotal role of increased production capacity in driving sales growth underscores the company’s determination to make Zivolife a cornerstone of modern nutrition.

ZIVO Bioscience’s pursuit of algal-derived nutrition solutions signifies a significant advancement in the biotech and agtech sectors. As Zivolife gains traction in the market, it has the potential to reshape the way individuals approach nutrition and health. The emphasis on plant-based protein, essential amino acids, and the spectrum of vitamins and minerals offered by Zivolife positions it as a versatile and holistic addition to a balanced diet.

The partnership with Alimenta Algae serves as a beacon of collaboration and innovation, showcasing the potential for transformation within established industries. With the impending completion of the upgraded cultivation and processing facility, ZIVO Bioscience is ready to make a lasting impact on the nutritional landscape.

In the grand narrative of scientific discovery and technological innovation, ZIVO Bioscience stands as an exemplar of progress, harnessing the power of algal biology to improve human and animal health. As consumers seek novel and sustainable ways to enhance their well-being, Zivolife emerges as a promising answer, illustrating that the future of nutrition lies in the hands of visionaries willing to challenge conventions and embrace the potential of nature’s gifts.


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