Zivolife is whole plant nutrition, not another greens blend

Zivolife is whole plant nutrition, not another greens blend

As a functional food, the diverse ways you can enjoy it are endless. We like to keep things simple but really it’s up to you. We suggest that you just find the best way to get 1tsp in your system daily for 1 month and we think you’ll understand what all the excitement is about. 

We recommend taking 1tsp in 12-16 oz of water. For best results, shake! We will be adding a special 16 oz shaker bottle soon as we have found this to be ideal. Alternatively, mix in a smoothie or protein shake, etc. unlike other green drink powders Zivolife is a itself a whole food, ideal for adding to smoothies.  

We recommend first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or right after breakfast. It can also be taken any time of day, even at bedtime. 

You can also add to food. Try that with another green blend powder! Zivolife’s flavor profile makes it idea for using in food. Sprinkle, mix, blend into everyday dishes to compliment flavors and increase the nutritional value of your diet. 

And watch this space as we have several chefs who have been experimenting with Zivolife in dishes and we can’t wait to share! 

For more info please refer to “Taking Zivolife” in our FAQs. . . . 

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