World #1 restaurant has added Zivolife to its menu.

World #1 restaurant has added Zivolife to its menu.
The restaurant currently ranked number 1 Best Restaurant in the World, Central in Lima, Peru, recently added Zivolife to its menu. 
Renowned chef Virgilio Martínez, the culinary mastermind behind this world-famous restaurant, invites diners on an extraordinary journey through the diverse landscapes of Peru.
Central's Alturas Mater Tasting Menu, consisting of an impressive 16 courses, celebrates the bounty of Peru's ecosystems, spanning from the Pacific coastlines to the lofty Andes mountains and the mysterious depths of the Amazon rainforest. What makes this culinary experience truly unique is the elevation-inspired approach.
Virgilio's vision extends from 20 meters below sea level to a breathtaking 4,100 meters (that's roughly 13,500 feet) above sea level. In the spirit of the ancient Incas, he perceives the land not just horizontally but vertically, harnessing the full spectrum of flavors and ingredients that thrive at various altitudes.
We are proud to grow Zivolife in Peru where the southern desert plateau provides the ideal climate for natural, sustainable, minimal footprint cultivation. Our team is on a mission to share the incredible health benefits of this ancient strain of klebsormidium flaccidum microalgae far and wide. 
We are super excited that customers at Central will get to experience Zivolife. Thank you Virgilio and team!