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End Hair Struggles Now

secret to thicker, shinier, longer, and healthier hair

Zivolife's patented Superfood activates hair follicles and enhances growth.*

Clinically-proven nutrients, science-backed results.

Potent blend of essential nutrients with efficacy rate of over 90%

Defeat breakage, shedding, and dullness for radiant locks.

Fosters healthy gut microbiome for efficient nutrient absorption.

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Hair related issues

start with an unhealthy gut. 

When your gut is out of balance, your hair suffers too,

losing vitality and strength.

Microbiome Rebalancing

Zivolife rebalances your gut microbiome, it creates an environment conducive to digestive harmony by targeting specific strains of beneficial bacteria and crowding out harmful ones. This balanced gut ecosystem lays the foundation for healthier hair growth, promoting shinier, thicker, and longer locks.

Inflammation Reduction

With potent anti-inflammatory properties, Zivolife reduces gut irritation and discomfort, calming the gut lining and supporting healing. As inflammation diminishes, the body can redirect its resources towards promoting hair health, resulting in shinier, thicker, and longer hair.

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption*

Through our one ingredient "Klebsormidium flaccidum var. ZL01", our product optimizes nutrient absorption in the gut, ensuring that essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are efficiently
 absorbed into the bloodstream

A delicious daily ritual.

Glowing results in as little as 3 weeks.

My husband noticed the difference

It is making my hair look a lot more full and healthier. My husband loves it. I already had to buy more. I love the way my hair feels and looks.

- Maggie C. |

Verified Buyer

My Hair Sopped Shedding!

Started taking Zivolife during the their pre- launch period I was introduced through a friend of a friend! I am obviously thrilled with the results. I use a teaspoon a day that’s it. I amazed. I tried everthing and went to every type of specialist nothing worked until now.

- Emily M. 

Verified Buyer

IT WORKS!!!!!!!

I LOVE this product, my hair is feeling thicker, fuller and I actually have new little hair growth coming in. I would highly recommend to anyone who has thinner hair. Infact, I have my best friend using the product as well.

Becky K.

Verified Buyer

95% of Zivolife users noticed an improvement in the shine and brightness of their hair*

Patented Superfood: Klebsormidium flaccidum var. ZL01

Reduces hair shedding

Potent nutrients combat hair fall and promote growth, transforming weak strands into voluminous, resilient locks!

Adds shine and lustre

Smooths frizz and enhances natural shine, leaving your hair voluminous and silky.

Helps prevents split ends

Nourishes hair at the follicle resulting in a healthier hair shaft with less breakage and fewer split ends.

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We support hair growth

from the inside-out.

Our delicious superfood delivers a comprehensive blend of hair-nourishing nutrients for fast-acting results.

- 90% saw increased hair growth in 3 months*

- 100% saw a decrease in hair loss in 3 weeks*

- 85% saw improvement in shine and texture*

100% drug-free


Zivolife is one of the oldest and most nutrient-dense functional foods carefully cultivated and optimized for its nutritional potency, purity, and sustainability. 

Klebsormidium flaccidum var. ZL01 (our patented Superfood) aids in hair health by nourishing the scalp and supporting optimal conditions for hair growth. Its unique properties promote a balanced scalp.

The result?

Thicker, Shinier, Longer, and Healthier Hair


you'll love again.


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What is Klebsormidium flaccidum var. ZL01?

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What Sets Us Apart?

Transform your hair with 

a delicious daily ritual today!

Combat hair fall and stimulate growth

Enhance natural shine and volume

Decrease shedding

Grow stronger, smoother, thicker hair shaft

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