5 Reasons Why This Patented Superfood Regrows Hair in 3 Months*

Activates new hair growth

Reduces hair shedding

Strengthens weak hair

Enhances gloss and shine

5 Stars

The secret? Zivolife - the first whole plant green drink that enhances gut health, optimizing nutrient absorption for stronger, resilient hair.
Healthy gut = healthy hair.

1. It Activates Follicle Repair for New Hair Growth*

Zivolife's patented superfood 'Klebsormidium flaccidum var ZL01', stimulates hair follicles' activity and optimizes the hair growth cycle. Through targeted nourishment, Zivolife helps foster robust hair shaft development, resulting in noticeable gains in thickness.

2.  Helps Decrease Hair Loss*

Zivolife contains nutrients and bioactive compounds that promote a healthy gut microbiome, which is crucial for efficient nutrient absorption. A healthy gut lining allows for better absorption of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which are vital for hair strength and resilience. As a result, the body can effectively utilize these nutrients to reduce hair loss.

3.  Defeat Breakage, Shedding, and Dullness for Radiant Locks

The science lies in Zivolife’s patented whole plant which targets key nutritional deficiencies that contribute to hair struggles such as breakage, shedding, and dullness. 

4.  Experience a transformation with our Botanical Beauty Boost, powered by nature

Zivolife’s exceptional microalgae strain is meticulously cultivated and contains essential bioactive nutrients.

5.  Amazing Customer Feedback

Common themes we hear include the end of shedding in the first month, along with new hair growth when taken everyday for 30 days.

- 85% saw increased hair growth in 3 weeks*
- 95% saw a decrease in hair loss in 3 months*
- 92% saw improvement in shine and brightness*


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Fix your gut = fix your hair. 
Zivolife - the first whole plant green drink that enhances gut health and hair health

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