Zivolife vs "Green Drinks"

Zivolife vs "Green Drinks"

Zivolife is a whole food that has been around for a millennium, designed by nature, not scientists. Grown in sustainable open-air ponds in the deserts of Peru using ancient farming techniques. It’s harvested daily, dried, milled, sealed into vacuum-sealed packs and arrives at your house fresh and precisely as nature intended.

You drink it, eat it and guess what? Your body knows how to process it because this food has been around longer than we have. Get it?

“Green drinks”? Well, hopefully, with the best intentions, they throw various plant compounds - even sometimes species of microalgae - into concoctions and expect your body to know how to process all those compounds efficiently. Add to that, the ingredients in some of these blends are literally grown...well, we are not quite sure (do any of these blends list the sources of those ingredients?) 🤬

With Zivolife, you know what it is because it’s an all-natural whole food. You know where it’s grown and processed because it’s proprietary - from R&D to maximize the strain, to the cultivation process, to delivering it to you.

Zivolife vs green blends? Yeah, we think the answer is obvious.
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